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    Endometriosis affects 1 in 10 women over 20 in Canada. Of those
    most will experience symptoms that affect their quality of life; many
    so severe they're unable to function within normal daily paramaters.

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    There is no cure for Endometriosis, no definitive answers as to why
    it occurs. Of the available surgical options, hysterectomy is common
    but does this surgery make the situation better or worse?.

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    Join the discussion to be part of Canada's truly collaborative forum.
    CANEnd works with Health Canada, Researchers, Pharmaceutical
    Firms and GYNs to improve all aspects of Endometriosis Health Care

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In an atmosphere of genuine collaboration and mutual interest, Endometriosis treatments and understanding can soar

CANEndo Main Facebook Group

CANEnd Discussion Group
The CANEnd Main Discussion Group is a closed network of core collaborators. Patients from various areas of Canada are here to compare notes and help establish the annual goals and objectives of the collaborative concept. Included in discussions are goals with regard to how best we can work with Pharmaceutical players, Health Canada, Insurance providers and Researchers to open the goalposts and reach new heights. 

CANFib Main Facebook Open Forums

 CANFib Discussion Group
The CANFib main forum on Facebook is open and public. None of the changes we have seen in treatments could have happened and no new treatments will be of interest to the pharmaceutical community if they don't know we need and want it to happen. Please LIKE this page, please talk here. You can keep it general and still make a voice for us all. 

We also encourage men to join the open forum as for MOST women with fibroids there is a man going through it with her. He has perspectives and input that is of value and we care about all aspects of this condition. 

CANFib Fibroids Private Closed Forums

 Talk Symptoms
This is where a little more privacy is handy and you can join this group simply by asking. We talk about bleeding, clotting, pain, cramps, depression and more. Please note that no one can sell anything in this or any other group. It's a place for women to unpack their frustrations and talk, we want that respected. 

 Talk Surgery
If your path has taken you to any kind of surgery, then you very likely have unique questions and concerns that are better shared with peers in the same boat. This surgery forum has members that have been through it; Myomectomy, UAE, Hysterectomy.. we are all here to help each other. 

 Talk Fibristal
This group is specifically for users of the drug. To join please have your prescription number ready, its found on your packaging from the Pharmacy and will match up to the numbers in the database. Anyone with questions about Fibristal before using it we suggest going right to the open threads. There are 1000s of discussions there, so many women are sharing publicly. The group is designed more to talk about specifics to their own situation and often are answering questions we ask so that we can bring more information to the public. 


In Canada


Out of every 100 women in Canada, 10 experience Fibroids symptoms.



Appx. 25,000 hospital visits annually are Uterine Issue related.